What are European Space Talks?

We are all concerned by space activities because they make a difference to our lives on a daily basis and are one of humankind’s greatest challenges. From 21 June to 31 October 2019, members of the European space family will be sharing their passion in a series of talks presenting a vast array of space-related topics.

Information, Inspiration, Interaction and Fun. This is what European Space Talks are about!

Learning about space activities can help us all better apprehend the world we live in today – and what to expect from tomorrow’s world.

Space and related activities are and have always been a source of inspiration for humankind.

Who better than the people who spend their days gazing into space to share their passion with the world and establish a dialogue with the public?

The atmosphere of the Talks is friendly! Participants will get to meet other enthusiasts and ask their questions about space.

Select one or more events in a venue or a city near you, invite a friend or a relative, meet other space enthusiasts, and become part of the #SpaceTalks family.

#SpaceTalks – Think digital and interactive!

Many local ‘space fan’ communities across Europe are joining the campaign and will use the #SpaceTalks hashtag throughout the event.


2019 is not only the year we celebrate the first Moon landing and remember past achievements, it is also a year to think about our future and prepare to accomplish new missions.

Every two to three years the European Space Agency’s Member States meet to decide on new proposals and funding for next years of work.

This year’s ministerial meeting is called Space19+ and will be an opportunity to direct Europe’s ‘next generation’ ambitions in space, and address the challenges facing not only the European space sector but also European society as a whole.

If you want to know more about what is on the table at Space19+ and the future of Europe in space, visit: www.esa.int/space19plus

European Space Talks is an initiative powered by the European Space Agency (ESA). It aims to make European citizens more aware about the investment needed for space activities and the unique benefits that they can deliver.